If you have an image of a fly fisher or angler as some middle aged man with coat and wading pants, and wearing a wide brimmed hat on top, well you may be right, but he is just one of the many types of people really lured (no pun intended) to enjoy the game.

Young men and women, old folks, whole families, groups of friends (fishing buddies I supposed so) are all into this sport, currently one of the most popular in the United States today, as well as in many other countries as well. The is that fly fishing and fishing in general is now a multi billion industry in the US and is a major leisure activity among Americans.

A reason behind is the relaxation, yet immense excitement that you get from doing this water game, from start to finish. Fly fishing in particular is widely enjoyed, much more than using worms as bait. Movies often have great scenes of the lead actors who play the role of fly fishermen, and you can well sense yourself the enjoyment that the fly fishing scene project.

What makes fly fishing more attractive to women is the fact that they can employ the catch and release method; no blood and life of the fish is lost. Fly fishing sessions are likewise a time for effective bonding among families and even friends. Fly fishing is for all. Better get yourself your own fly fishing rod and baits and hit the lake for some nice trophy rainbow or brown trout.




Perch Fishing Your Lake

January 26, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Fly fishing on a nearby lake can be so much fun, especially if you know you are in for some trophy fish surprises such as a perch. And more so now that the cold wintry season is here to stay for two or three months more – the difficulty only makes catching some nice perch much sweeter.

Perch are easy to be found in schools down deep in the waters – about 60 feet below. However, if the summer season finally comes in, fly fishing for perch will be much easier as they will be staying on 25 feet deep in the waters.

But do you know that perch have the tendency to go near the swallow part of the lake? Do not be surprised but instead be ready to fish one almost so close to the lake shore.

Now that you know perch goes together in large school, you might want to some drift fishing as well for it also works fine in catching them. Go drifting until you are able to spot a school of perch, and when you have found one, try to anchor. They will show aggressiveness until they get tired of attacking – try to drift fish again for some more perch bites.

Go and fish your lake for some perch – which has real good and nice taste. It’s worth the effort of spending hours of catching them. Enjoy and having a great fishing time!




Artificial Fly Fishing Flies

January 23, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Many anglers and fishers who have become seriously into the sport have surely thought and even tried creating their own flies, especially during the lean non-fishing part of the year. Flies, although they require some skills to make, can be done even by the common angler.

Actually artificial flies, whether ones that you buy from the fly fishing stores or you created yourself, greatly improve your chances of catching your dream trophy fish because they are great mimics of the insects that fish usually eat as food.

If you intend to create your own artificial fly fishing flies, make sure that the insects that you imitate are those that are native to the waters that you fish in. The question is, are you really capable of creating even decent artificial flies? A successfully created artificial fly is one who can fool and attract any fish that sees it when it lands on water.

If you do not want to go through the trouble of making flies, then there are many fine artificial flies that can be purchased from fly fishing stores and shops at inexpensive prices. The latest flies are made from synthetics, yet they seem so real that you will not realize that it isn’t the actual insect until you scrutinize it further.

Catch and release anglers now can enjoy fishing without the time-consuming problem of freeing the fish from the hook as there are now available flies with hooks that have no barbs with them. This makes the “releasing of fish” a much easier process.




Only the Best Tackle When Salmon Fly Fishing

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If you intend to go fly fishing for the salmon, you should not only be picky about the right line, rod and reel to use but likewise the fishing tackle. There are tackles are that are specifically used for angling salmon, making your chances on catching and landing a large trophy one greater.

Each kind of fly fishing tackle is usually intended for a certain species of fish. For example some tackles need to have a stiff touch that’s appropriate for angling some fish and there are also species that are only caught with fly fishing tackles that have the soft approach.

In the case of the salmon, you need not just any kind of common tackle that one can get from any fly fishing store, but a specialized one meant for catching this species.
A salmon tackle should be one with soft and gentle touch – this is the ideal of catching them.

Such special salmon tackle will have more chances into luring your intended trophy fish to attack and bite. So if you are a salmon angler, increase your chances of landing your desired trophy salmon by buying only the fly fishing tackle intended for this game fish.

There are many fishing shops around, or even online fishing accessories companies that sell the best and most effective tackles. Just specify your tackle requirements to them – in this case, ask for the one that’s especially for fly fishing salmon.

In case you want to try buying the best tackle online, make a list of fishing equipment and accessories companies and compare their offered tackle products, the quality and prices.




Great Fishing Rod (and Line and Reel, too) for Exciting Angling Adventures

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Many think that fly fishing rod is either short or long, depending on what kind of waters they would fish in. Well, sort of. Actually it all depends on you, albeit not entirely, and your style of fishing.

If in your locality, you have a small body of water in which you angle in such as a stream, then it is okay to use a small fly fishing rod. Of course, if you go farther and set out to the wide oceans to fish, then a much larger rod should be in order.

However, most anglers and fly fishers go for the much lighter fishing rod as they head toward the small waters containing big population of rich variety of fish. So, many would think that the short, lightweight rods are the best to bring along for easier and prolific fishing.

Again, it all depends on you choice of rod. You must know which of the different rod types you are comfortable in using. If you want to be on the safe side then better use the medium sized fly fishing rod. This is the ideal type of rod in terms of size, as you can use it for all types of waters.

Lastly, when using a fly fishing rod, do not think that everything is well once you are able to get the appropriate rod. Make sure that the fishing line as well as the reel are compatible with your rod. The line’s weight should work well with that of the rod. While the fly fishing reel should be able to carry comfortably both reel and line.

In essence, you should not only worry about the quality of the rod, but also that of the line and reel. The best combination of these three angling components that you can possibly have will certainly give you some wonderfully exciting fly fishing adventures.




Go Fly Fish, Whatever Season It May Be

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What is the best day for you to go fly fishing? In my case, it actually depends on the current season I am in. During the hot summer days when a wide brimmed fishing cap is a must, I usually fish for some trophy catch in the early morning. 5 am is the ideal time for me, as the sun hardly peeked out yet. The surroundings are still cool, which makes it conducive for a great fly fishing start. But as soon as the sun goes out, weather gets humid and the discomfort takes me away from my concentration to the angling game.

During winter, the latter that I get out of the shore for my angling session, the better. Especially if the temperature starts to drop below 10 degrees, the cold air numbs my face and fingers and this certainly greatly affects my fly fishing. That’s why fishing gears are such an important component of the game. Fishing jackets, caps, gloves and wading pants are not to be forgotten whenever one goes out to fish.

Whatever type of season, weather and day it may be when you fish, it is helpful if you know where and what part of the water you fish. Surely you are already familiar with the river or pond around your area, and you know where the schools of fish stay on a particular time of day. Being a long time fisher of a particular body of water is an advantage for those who want to have a great catch and prolific fishing session as he already knows his way around the waters.




Big Baits Only on Winter Fly Fishing

January 9, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Fly fishing in the cold winter is definitely a difficult challenge, even for the hardiest of veteran anglers and fly fishers. Who wants to get all cold, and even soaking chilly wet, even if your life revolves around the game? Still, there are many others who itch on fly fishing during this less-than-conducive weather.

Make the most of it. This is the rule when winter fishing. Try to adjust your methods in order to maximize your chances to be productive. One thing to remember about fishing in cold waters concerns your lures or baits. Remember than during cool temperatures, the fish metabolize in a slow fashion.

This means that they need to feed much less. Or rather they choose to not take in food like they used to during summer time. Therefore, they move much less – and even when there is food around, they would use minimal movement and energy just to get the food.

Therefore, it is to your advantage if you are going to use large sized food as bait in your fly fishing. The larger-than-usual baits are preferred by these cold-blooded fish as they tend to strike only once. They will be partial on large baits as these serve as a good-enough meal; this will also allow them to minimize movement in the cold waters.




Fly Fishing Waders

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If you are a fly fisherman, it is a necessity that you have fishing waders. These can make your angling session a lot easier. That’s why it is a must that when purchasing a fishing wader, you are able to find and buy not just the best but the appropriate one for you.

By appropriate, I mean they fit you perfectly in order that you are able to move as freely and comfortably as possible. Indeed it can be said that the right pair of fishing waders will act as your best friend in fishing.

There are few types of waders, but the two most common are the rubber and the breathable waders. If you are in a limited budget, then you might want to settle with rubber fishing waders. These type of waders are the cheapest of them all. However, the quality matches the price as it is also the convenient to use.

Buy rubber waders only if you are not an active angler and prefer to stay in one spot. It would be a good idea if you have to store some extra waders for emergency situations – then this is the best reason for buying rubber fishing waders.

If you have the money to spend for the best waders, then it is recommended that you buy the breathable fishing waders. It is considered the most expensive of the lot, yet they also have the best quality. Breathable fishing waders provide the most comfort that any anglers can experience. You can also rely on them as they can last for many years so long as you use them properly.




Happy New Year to all from Fly Fishing Greats!

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A few more days to go (come to think of it, it’s just three days more), and it’s New Year once more. With 2008 just around the corner, we couldn’t help but think of the many coming fly fishing adventures that we will enjoy this New Year.

Shall we stick it out with the local waters – enjoying our familiarity of the area and be assured of security of already-know faces of fellow anglers and fly fishermen? The nearby lake likewise assures us of great catches as we already know where the schools of fish stay for most of the times.

Or shall we try and go out-of-state? And test and taste what other lakes and rivers of different sizes and shapes have to offer. Shall we try the unknown and gamble our whole afternoon of fly fishing – if successful, and then we will enjoy the fruits of catching large trophy fish. If failure, then better luck next time and just try another great lakes to fish on.

Does the New Year make you want to have a change of most of your fly fishing gear – the rod, lines, hooks, and even your fishing apparel? If you decide on doing so, make sure that the new fly fishing stuff you will acquire is of the best quality – to assure the best fly fishing adventures that you can experience next year.

A Happy New Year to everyone, especially to all anglers and fly fishers out there!




Merry Christmas from Fly Fishing Greats

December 26, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Christmas time means wintertime and the Yuletide Season is a cold season. And so, anglers and fly fishers have to contend with the wintry climate – and just do with whatever the cold weather offers, and enjoy some winter fly fishing.

Indeed, it is given that winter is not the most conducive time for some fly fishing action. Instead of venturing out into the icy river waters and hope (while in an almost desperate mood) for a good catch, many would rather go to holiday parties and get-togethers and reunions, or simply just stay at home in your room kept warm by a heater or fireplace.

Still, for the avid fly fisherman, nothing – not even the harshest of weather will stop him from pursuing his desire to go fishing. And if think you can categorize yourself under this type of angler, it’s best to be prepared when going forth with a winter fly fishing adventure.

You must have not only the best but also the complete set of equipment with fishing, such as the rod and hooks. It would be better if you bring along extras of your fishing equipments.

And also, remember that the harsh weather not only affects your concentration in fishing but can also cause you to become sick with the usual winter illness such as the cold and flu. Hence, protect yourself with warm thick fishing attire such as rubber coats and wading pants and boots. Enjoy what the sport of fly fishing has to offer even during this winter season.

Merry Christmas and all the best in your fly fishing!